Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Ten Commandments of Nouvelle Cuisine, Louisiana Edition (MENU COMPARISON)

Ok...so I FINALLY found the menu that you and I did together for a "Fine Dining" experience with traditional Louisiana Cuisine. I think the best way to do it is to discuss what rules the item follows best and also what rules it doesn't follow at all.   Here goes....


Sausage Patter w/ Homemade Pickles and Toast
Follows #10 & #3 (Part 2): I feel like this is a unique way to present a charcuterie platter. Its not your expected cured meats but an assortment of fresh housemade sausage that shows off the many varieties of wild game that can be found in the area.
Disregards #6: The use of pickles was to cut the fat of the sausage but this rule would not like any part of pickles or sausage and certainly not together.

Crawfish Etouffe Dip w/ Rice Crackers
Follows #3 (Kind of), #3 (Part 2), #4 (Part 3), & #5 (Part 2): This Étouffée showcases one of of the most 'famous' creatures of the area...the crawfish. It also slightly lightens the menu by using rice crackers. This plays on the traditional dish usually served over rice making it easily shareable and fun.
Disregards #7: Roux is used as a thickener in the dish.

Oysters on the 1/2 Shell
Follows #1, #2, #3, #3 (Part 2), & #8: This dish is served raw, the ingredients are fresh out of the Gulf, and it is served with a citrus mignonette to brighten the dish. Oysters eaten in moderation are very healthy source of protein.
Disregards #10: This dish is not inventive at all but a great classic.

BBQ Gator w/ Mirliton Slaw
Follows #2 & #3 (Part 2): Fresh local mirlitons and Louisiana gator would make a perfect sweet and savory dish.
Disregards #6.1 (Kind of): Mainly because of the BBQ sauce.

Crab Beignets w/ Remoulade Sauce
Follows #3 & #10: It is a lighter and inventive way to serve crab as appose to crab royal with lots of cream and cheese or crab cakes with lots of butter and bread.
Disregards #8: Still not a very 'healthy' dish.

Ok I am going to stop here for the night and will continue soon. Let me know what you think! I am excited about the discussion this menu is going to bring. Hope you are well.


  1. I'll get to this, I promise, but you know how it is. However, in the vein of Modern Southern, I just heard about a bakery in Atlanta that serves Peanut Butter Pie with Pretzel Crust!!! How good does THAT sound? Super modern yet old-school! That would fit our ethos, right?

  2. Okay, sorry I kinda dropped off the radar for a minute, but my life has been kind of trying lately. I am about to hit this analysis, but reverse it. Rather than contemplate rules broken, lets contemplate suggestions followed. The commandments aren't about limits, they are about thematic structure. Gimme a day or two and I will be in there.

    Oh, and slap Rachel on the caboose for me when you get a second, that girl is a doll!